Oats and pulses are good for you and the planet.


OATS are one of nature’s most multitasking superfoods.

Oats are high in fibre, protein and antioxidants. They also:

  • lower blood cholesterol

  • lower blood pressure

  • control blood sugar levels

  • support weight loss 

  • help prevent heart disease

  • help reduce the chances of hormone-related cancers



PULSES include dried peas, beans, chickpeas and lentils.

Pulses are packed with fibre and protein and are low in fat. They also:

  • are rich in vitamins and minerals

  • help manage blood sugar levels

  • are high in prebiotics, which are essential for maintaining a healthy gut

  • reduce the risk factors for diabetes

  • help reduce the risks of heart disease

  • have antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic effects



PSYLLIUM is a soluble fibre derived from Plantago ovate seeds.

Psyllium packs a powerful punch. It:

  • has the highest level of soluble dietary fibre of any grain source

  • helps regulate high cholesterol

  • helps regulate blood pressure

  • benefits healthy blood sugar levels

  • aids enormously in maintaining a regular digestive system

  • is considered a prebiotic fibre


= Toatally healthy and delicious

(and sustainable!)

A healthy delicious that contains quality protein and essential amino acids (especially important for vegetarian and vegan diets) while facilitating digestion.

Pssst! Pulses are what make Toatal oats and pulses flour sustainable. Pulses are nitrogen-fixing crops: they can reduce the need for nitrogen fertilizers reducing GHG emissions and improving soil quality.